April 15th, 2009



We have wee little apple blossoms on our apple tree! And a wee small rhubarb popping up! Hooray!

Woot! The fifth Walker Papers books has a title! It will be DEMON HUNTS, and I am having a very good time writing it right now. Yay!

Dude. You guys came up with some fantastic casting choices for the Negotiator trilogy. I wish I had about fifteen copies of the anthology to send out, because you did *not* make this an easy choice! I’m going to have to do something cool for the people who participated but didn’t win, because you did such a good job. Maybe I’ll write an Old Races short story just for you guys and not try to publish it anywhere for six months or something.

Okay. *Jeez*. Okay. Overall the best cast, I think, came from Liz McClafferty, who suggested the following:

Margrit Knight - Jasika Nicole
Alban Korund - Josh Holloway
Tony Pulcella- Kirk Acevedo
Eliseo Daisani - Robert Downey Jr.
Vanessa Gray - Winona Ryder
Janx - Johnny Depp
Chelsea Huo - Michelle Yeoh
Grace O’Malley - Katie Sackoff
Malik - Skeet Ulrich
Tariq - Gary Dourdan
Kaimana - Pomaika’i Brown
Cara - Dakota Fanning
Biali - Micky Rourke
Hajnal - Faune Chambers
Ausra - Rashida Jones
Russel Lomax - Gary Sinise
Cameron - Jennifer Garner
Cole - Matt Damon
Sarah - Charlize Theron
Ursula - Kristen Stewart
Kate - Emma Watson

Whew. That was *hard*! I gotta make the next contest easier on *me*!

ytd wordcount: 115,300
miles to Minas Tirith: 181.5

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