April 7th, 2009


i cannot brain, i has teh dum

There’s a…like a center of gravity. A vortex, but that’s not the word. Not counterweight, either. Where you’re the person or thing which causes other things to be drawn to it, so change can be affected. There’s a word for that.

I will send a copy of THE PRETENDER’S CROWN to whoever can come up with the word I’m looking for. *Argh*. *shakes brain in frustration*

eta: I think amberley got closest to what I’m after first, with ‘fulcrum’. A fulcrum point from which everything else swings. I think that’s … generally it. Man. Words are hard!

eta, again: “Nexus” is the word I was actually looking for, and I think Ruth suggested it first, so email me your address and I’ll send you a copy of PRETENDER’S CROWN. :)

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books! contests! books!

I have received in the mail a small box of A FANTASY MEDLEY and a large box of THE PRETENDER’S CROWN. The TPC contest is still open for about four more hours, so if you want to cast THE QUEEN’S BASTARD as a way to potentially win a copy, you should hasten to do that.

Many people said “Gosh, I could do this with the Old Races or the Walker Papers”, and so, because there will be no more Negotiator books, I will give you the opportunity to win a copy of A FANTASY MEDLEY, which has a Janx & Daisani story in it, by casting the Negotiator trilogy. My favorite cast list gets a copy of the anthology. Major characters: Margrit Knight, Alban Korund, Grace O’Malley, Janx, Daisani, Kaimana, Cole, Cameron, Tony. Bonus points for casting any of the following: Margrit’s parents, Chelsea, Russell, Cara, Tariq, Biali, Malik, Ausra, Kate, Ursula, Sarah, Hajnal.

It isn’t necessary to cast all of them. It’s not even necessary to cast most of them. Just have fun with it. :) I’ll close the contest a week from now, at about noon Eastern time on Tuesday April 14th.

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contest winner

Holy crap. Only three people entered the TPC give-away contest, but they did a bloody fantastic job. In the end, I’ve chosen the one with my favorite suggestion for Belinda, although some of the other casting ideas were inspired.

So the winner is Thao Nguyen from Facebook, who gave the following cast for THE QUEEN’S BASTARD:

Belinda - Michelle Trachtenberg
Javier - Kyle Schmid
Lorraine Walter - Tilda Swinton
Eliza Beaulieu - Natalie Portman
Lord Drake - Eric Braeden
Marius Poulin - Henry Cavill
Sacha Asselin - Paul Walker
Sandalia - Orla Brady
Irina - Cate Blanchett
Akilina - Shirley Henderson
Rodrigo - Javier Bardem
Dmitri - Clive Owen
Gondola Boy - Jim Sturgess

Thao observed that the girl on the cover of THE QUEEN’S BASTARD *looked* like Michelle Trachtenberg, which I’d noticed too, so that’s a double-win for her. :)

The most interesting thing about this contest, for me, is that not one of the actors is somebody I’d thought of when I ‘cast’ this book in my mind–and TQB is about the only book I’ve ever cast anybody for. I *love* the choices people made, but it’s fascinating to see the different ideas!

ytd wordcount: 93,100
miles to Minas Tirith: 165

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