April 6th, 2009



So tired this morning. So HUNGRY this morning. And my shoulder is pinchy, so I’m going to prop myself up on the couch and write instead of going to swim right away. Maybe it’ll relax after a couple hours. (I need to learn to sleep on my left side. That would help.)

Notes from yesterday’s chat room: general agreement that the difficulty isn’t so much exercising as getting out the front door. It’s so much easier with a gym buddy, somebody who expects you to be there. This week’s challenge, then, is to exercise/walk/whatever 3x this week, and report back on Sunday. I’ll put a post up on Sunday so people can report, since there probably won’t be a chat room. Also, question asked: what’s a reasonable weight loss goal? Answer: generally speaking, a pound a week.

I was supposed to do it last night and didn’t, and don’t want to take the time this morning, but people seemed interested, so sometime today I /will/ post explanations on how to do some basic Pilates exercises, and if I can borrow a video camera at some point maybe I’ll make that demonstration video.

I’ve just eaten breakfast 3 hours earlier than I usually do. I fear today is going to be a Hungry Day.

Off to the salt mines now.

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word war room

A word war chat room window is now open. It’s what, about 9:30am Eastern time now. I figure I’ll be around for about 3 hours. If, in the long term, this seems to work, maybe I’ll see about setting something up permanently.

To war!

eta: chat now closed as of noon EDT

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I’ve had a very productive day, so long as you don’t count getting dressed in proper clothes an essential part of a productive day. I’m still in the sweatshirt and floppy pants I put on this morning, but I did write 3400 words, walk 3 miles and swim. And my shoulder, which ached this morning, seems to have settled down, which is good.

I think there’s something distinctly good to be said for getting up and writing, then going to the gym mid-day and coming back again to write after that. Well, good except for the part where apparently I don’t get dressed, but it may be a pattern to repeat. I’ll have to work on the getting dressed part. :)

Dinner, and then an evening of watching Buffy, I think! (We just finished watching the first season of the Sarah Conner Chronicles, which was better than I expected it to be. We’re trying to pace ourselves with Farscape, so we have to watch other tv between the Farscape seasons. :) Speaking of which, wow, we were really surprised at *how much* happened in first season Farscape. A lot of it was stuff I didn’t think got set up until well into second!)

ytd wordcount: 89,500
miles to Minas Tirith: 163
ytd km swum: 36.5

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