April 5th, 2009


weekly weight loss chat room

is now up and running here. It's a bit early, perhaps, but hopefully people will drop by!

(ooh, we're going to go swim. i'll leave the room open, but I don't know how long it'll last if it gets too idle! I'll repost later if I have to. *scoots*)
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what i have learned

I have learned that the all-day chat structure isn’t going to work for /me/, so week-after-next I will open a chat room at 9pm GMT/4pm EDT/1pm PDT and run it for about 90 minutes before sluffing off to bed. (I figure next week is Easter so there’s no point in trying to run a chat then.)

I think I /will/ go ahead and open a daily chat room for word wars. I’ll post the url at my writing community, toonowrimo, rather than here, because it seems more appropriate, and the people who want to use it will know where to find it. I sort of imagine the result will be me writing in the morning on my own time, and then maybe catching people for hour-long writing bursts as the US sort of comes online as my day progresses. We’ll see. :)

Ted and I brought Breic and Seirid to the movies yesterday (we saw “Bolt”, which we all liked), and they were wonderfully well-behaved and ate popcorn and sweets and sodas and were generally quite charming. It was fun. :)

And Ted and I had our second swimming lesson tonight. I’m enjoying these a lot, and he hasn’t tried killing me in my sleep yet, so I think they’re going well. I’ll be swimming 6 days a week if we get 3 lessons a week in for him, so that’s a win on many levels.

miles to Minas Tirith: 160
ytd km swum: 34.8

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