April 3rd, 2009


you know…

…I would open a daily word wars chat room if I wasn’t in a completely different time zone from so many of the writers I know. I mean, really, the Pacific coast writers won’t be up for hours yet, and most of the East Coasters aren’t really stirring yet either (except LAG, who seems to often be on early). Still, if the idea appeals, leave a comment and maybe I’ll start doing that.

(Word wars: a scenario where you set the clock for 30 or 45 minutes and everybody writes as fast as they can for that amount of time, then comes back to report how they did before doing it all over again.)

I noticed that I don’t actually have any of mizkit.com’s sub-pages linked from the main page, so I’m making a half-hearted effort to finally get all the sub-pages into WordPress. So far I’ve done the reading list, which is really about the only one I ever update, anyway. It’s a little odd seeing it in the mizkit.com format instead of the very outdated design it’d been in.

Swam 2500 meters this morning and am feeling pleasantly tired. However, I can’t let myself snooze, so I’m going to drop behind a cut tag and do a liveblog writing day in order to try to keep myself engaged.

ytd km swum: 32.1
miles to Minas Tirith: 154.5

Collapse )

5:16: 3271 and done.

ytd wordcount: 86,100

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