April 1st, 2009


what, was it too hard?

Was yesterday’s contest thingy too hard, or is everybody off doing non-internet-related things? V. few responses! Or maybe it’s just nobody’s read TQB… :)

I’m going to go start work on the latest Walker Papers (which is currently untitled and will therefore be referred to as Jo Vs. The Cannibals until it gets a title) in a few minutes. “Start work” in this case may mean “going to go re-write the synopsis in much more detail, because it has occurred to me that the books that have gone most smoothly were the ones where I’ve had more, rather than less, in the way of synopsis”. The greatest payoff of thorough synopsizing was the “Banshee Cries” novella, for which I had a synopsis as long as any of the ones for the full-length books, and which I wrote in 3 days, 10K a day. I’m not aiming for 10K days, but if I can hammer out a synopsis that helps me get a chapter a day done without too much agony, that’s a win. Perhaps I’ll discover that I’m really a plotter, not a pantser.

I went for a little swim this morning, just a mile. My shoulder is…okay. Achier than I’d like, but not debilitating. I’ll take some aspirin and go work at my Good Keyboard, and perhaps that’ll allow it to relax a bit and to stop aching.

Arright, folks. Cover me. I’m going in.

ytd km swum: 29.6
miles to Minas Tirith: 147.5

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synopsis of +2 to storytelling

Hm. Well, the original synopsis was some 1500 words. I’ve written another 2000, some of which obviously cover the same territory, but many of which are fresher thoughts and ideas and suggestions on how to wind things together and…it’s stronger than it was. Whether it’s enough to see me through a hundred thousand words without agony, I don’t know. I doubt it. :)

On the other hand, at least I have a reasonably good idea of what I’m doing with chapter four, which I really had absolutely no idea of before, so this was worth it for that. Heck, if I can manage that daily I’ll be in good shape.

A good writing tip: a few days ago my friend and fellow author Jeri Smith-Ready commented that the scene she was working on was boring her, which probably meant it either didn’t need to be there or needed to be rewritten. I’d never fully parsed it that way, but it’s an excellent observation and one I intend to apply ruthlessly to my writing from here on out.

I just saw a headline which said, “Irish jobless claims hit new peak; income tax to rise”, which seems astonishingly bass-ackwards to me. Unemployment is at 11% and rising here, and everywhere you look the government is utterly blundering in its attempts to stem the tide. It’s like watching a natural disaster (not just here but everywhere–742,000 jobs lost in the US in March, putting job losses there at nearly 2 million for the year), and, like a natural disaster, it makes me feel helpless to stop it. No wonder I’m avoiding the news. :p

I think I’ll go work on my scarf for a while.

miles to Minas Tirith: 150.5

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