March 12th, 2009

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I got a decent haircut yesterday. It’s essentially this one, except my hair’s not actually that long yet, so mostly what matters is the back got brought up short like that. Except not that short because the hairdressers here apparently have a holy terror of using clippers on a woman’s head. Anyway, it’s better.

I’ve reached the stage in the beginning level of Pilates that I just need the list of exercises (helpfully provided in the front of the book) to be able to go through the workout. I don’t know if it was that (ie, not needing to flip from one page to another), or whether it was warmer in the office because it’s warmer outside, but I worked up more of a sweat today. And while I haven’t really been *sore* since the first week, my stomach muscles are kind of going “what the hell?” right now. So that’s probably good. I still utterly loathe the leg lifts. They’re not quite so bad if I remember to keep my belly sucked in (which is part of the point, of course) but I hates them, precious. I hates them. I tell you what, though. Exercise more, I can do that. Eat less? I’m having trouble with that one. *sigh*

We watched two more episodes of “Birds of Prey” last night, and then as a reward for our suffering watched the first episode of “Farscape”. I tell you what, that’s still just damned fine television. It suffers neither from being ten years old nor from awkward, shaky first-season finding-their-feet writing, which is one of the things I dearly, dearly love about Farscape. Most first-season television looks okay at the time–which is all that matters, honestly–and is absolutely terrible in retrospect, compared to when they’ve really got their legs. But Farscape proved that first-season TV can be up to par even in retrospect. I believe this is at least partially due to the fact that the creators had been thinking about it for ten years before they got it on the air, so they really knew how the world worked. (Also, they have a terrific cast. I still forget Rigel isn’t real.) Anyway, good stuff.

All right, off to look up Welsh names, run spellcheck, and examine my notes to see if I missed adding in any details to TRUTHSEEKER that I can get in before sending it off to Mmes Agent and Editor.

thinks to do today:
- color notes
- polish & deliver TRUTHSEEKER

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Ok, there's an overwhelming preference for a Sunday chat, with 9 most convenients and 0 least convenients. There is also a vast inclination toward a noon Pacific 4pm Eastern 9pm GMT window, but I like making polls so I thought I'd post one more. :)

The best time to 'meet' on Sunday would be:

8am Pacific / Noon Eastern / 5pm GMT-ish
Noon Pacific / 4pm Eastern / 9pm GMT-ish
You could just open a chat room at 8am Pacific, post the URL here, and let it run all day.

Should we:

try to set up a secondary chat window immediately
try the Sunday window for a few weeks and then decide about a secondary window

consider your options carefully and select those which are most relevant to you:

weight loss is hard. let's go shopping!
exercise is hard. let's go shopping!
shopping is hard. let's tick boxes!


Got TRUTHSEEKER turned in fairly early this afternoon, so I went out of the house and had a mad shopping spree wherein I bought:

1 cherry tree
2 planters
3 raspberry/tayberry/black currant bushes (each)
a large bag of compost, and
1 starter kit for knitting a sparkly silver scarf

That last bit is Mom’s fault. I love the sweaters she made me so much it has made me decide maybe I want to give knitting a try after all. If I like it, I’ll have a scarf! If I don’t…maybe Mom will make me a scarf. :) So tomorrow I will read a manuscript and swim and do the charity auction thing and plant some trees. That sounds like a nice day, doesn’t it? And maybe I’ll try knitting a bit, too.

…the cats will *love* that.

miles to Minas Tirith: 100.3 (only 478 to go!)

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