March 10th, 2009


a conversation with my mother:

Mom: I think we need to get some strawberry plants from Heaton’s.

Kit: We bought raspberry plants, so now we need to get a planter.
Yes, we should do that.

Mom: Somebody’s selling them cheap come Thursday.

Kit: Planters?

Mom: Lidl, maybe. Or Aldi. Yeah. Planters.

Kit: We’ll have to look!

Mom: They’re €5, I think, at Heaton’s.

Kit: All right. I’m going to go see if I can get anywhere with this book. The problem is that I know where the chapter ends, but I don’t know really what happens before the ending.

Mom: Okay. Maybe the characters will tell you.

Kit: The strawberry plants?

Mom: Yes. maybe the strawberry plants will tell you what happens in the part before the ending.

Kit: If the strawberry plants would tell me I would hurry right over to Heaton’s to listen to them!

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liveblogging the final chapter

I have done jack all today on this book. So I’m now going behind the cut tag and live-blogging the writing of the last chapter.

I have no idea what this will entail. Wordcounts, I guess.

For something more interesting, go read today’s interview with me over at Bitten By Books. There are 5 PRETENDER’S CROWN ARCs in the running for commentors, so go forth and participate. :)

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7:08pm: 2737 words and *DONE*.

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Take A Chance interviews & icons

Because three blog posts in one day are not enough, I bring you two Take A Chance-related interviews, at and Book Spot Central. Trent says to read the BSC one first, I think, because some of what’s said in it is then tidily summarized in the Comicon one.

I was going to post a bunch of issue 3 Chance icons, because it’s supposed to be out tomorrow, but I don’t have hardly any made and I’m too damned tired to do more right now. So I’ll just post these few right now and I’ll do more later.

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miles to Minas Tirith: 93.2
ytd wordcount: 82,800

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