March 6th, 2009


No…we would have been great.

I am the geekiest geek who ever did geek, and I am going to order this. *clutches heart* Furthermore, I now have to learn how to make the really good little animated icons so I can do an animation of the last few seconds of that. *clutches heart more*

I am also the slowest writer who ever did write. I’ve only got one or two chapters left (two would make it…smoother, I think, but one seems more likely), but I’m not sure I’ll write tomorrow, because I’m getting increasingly slow. I wrote 3K today, but it took All Day. Possibly a day or two off would help me get through the last bit. Of course, possibly just finishing it would also, you know. Help me get through the last bit.

Um. Yep, that’s it for today. No brain, no brain, la la la la la la!

ytd wordcount: 79,400
miles to Minas Tirith: 88.5

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