March 2nd, 2009


boring week of posts

This is likely to be a boring week of posts. I’ve got a thousand things to do and need to-do lists in order to get through ‘em, so, well. Boring week.

thinks to do:
- pilates
- email The Man
- write. ideally, write 2 chapters, but write, anyway
- work on, possibly finish, AAs
- go for a walk. (this one’s important.)

to do tomorrow so I don’t forget:
- stop by the bank & open a savings account

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relevant, although not relevant *right now*

I have a question for the LJ Hive Mind regarding comics/graphic novels in general. This is not, and I repeat with some force, not relevant to the first Take A Chance story arc; issue #2 will, after rather a lot of delay, be out this Wednesday, March 4th, and issue #3, after somewhat less delay, will be out next Wednesday, March 11th. Four and five should be out in April and May respectively. So. Not relevant right now. Just curious.

Would you rather have...

monthly comics which are then compiled into a graphic novel
the graphic novel straight off
something else to be explained in comments
ticky boxes!

teaser pages & stuff

Teaser pages for Chance #2 and 3 Collapse )

more thinks to do tomorrow:
- swim
- go to the bank
- write. again, 2 chapters, ideally
- work on AAs
- get together pages & byline & photo for interview thing
- color notes

ytd wordcount: 69,800
miles to Minas Tirith: 79.9

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