March 1st, 2009


thinks to do

My little mind boggles that it’s the first of March.

thinks to do today:
- swim
- work on AAs
- buy swell MP3 player
- try to remember why I was going to stop at Tesco on the way home from the pool. oh! for bamboo sticks and clear plastic sandwich bags! I should write that down. On paper, where it’ll do me some good at Tesco later.
- repot my heather (though I don’t think it’s going to survive)
- stop to buy cereal
- bonus: get shit on by a bird :p

thinks to do this week:
- finish AAs
- email The Man
- swim 5 4 3 times (I looked at the new pilates workout. No way am I doing that *and* swimming one day. & then I was all sore on Tuesday.)
- do beginning-level pilates 3 times
- eat no sweets
- other things as they occur

thinks to do this month:
- go to P-Con!
- eat no sweets
- email Marvel
- read FLESH & FIRE
- read Emma’s story
- read Dixon’s essay
- zip up lost files & send to Dixon
- go to the dentist
- try to get a good haircut :p
- go to the bank & open a savings account
- get stuff together for the diabetes research charity auction
- other things as they occur

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CE repeat

I’ve had this copy-editor before, on THE FIREBIRD DECEPTION. She has a strange objection to hyphens (somewhere in FIREBIRD she changed “extra-long” to “extralong”, which was just bizarre). This is terribly minor and I recognize everywhere that the hyphens have been removed, so it’s not like changing them back is a chore, but I find it mildly amusing to realize I recognize the CE by her style. That’s ten books ago now, ye gods.

So far today, I’ve walked 4 miles, swum 3 kilometers, bought 2 new MP3 players, and had 1 bird shit on my head. Three out of four ain’t bad, as my mother said, but I would’ve been much, much more upset about the last if I hadn’t had a towel with me because I’d been swimming. I’m also … ‘chugging’ is too fast a word. Inching. Along on the AAs. I’m going to try to retain consciousness and work on them until 6, which should get them most of the way done. And then we’ll watch Dollhouse and BSG, I hope. :)

Did I mention Ted made filé gumbo and raspberry truffle brownies last night? *tud* So. Incredibly. GOOD.

miles to Minas Tirith: 76.4
ytd km swum: 24.2

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