February 13th, 2009


new computer!

I had a dream in the middle of the night that Ardian had gotten a huge gig with one of the big comic book companies and I was so excited about it I woke myself up. *laughs and laughs*

I got paid today. We’ve been putting off buying a new desktop computer for over a year (Ted’s crashed … a long time ago, and mine crashed a year ago January and then another one, given to us as a replacement, went down in…well, before we moved to Longford), and so we put aside part of the last paycheck and took part of this one and went and bought a Shiny New Computer which we can play City of Heroes on straight out of the box (well, aside from the having to download four and a half years worth of updates for the game). It has a 22 inch monitor, which looks ridiculous. Ted keeps shouting, “Huge tracts of land!” as he’s installing stuff. :)

*slavers* City of Heroes! Only I probably won’t be able to play until like late next week ’cause we’re going to Dublin on Sunday. Hrmph. :)

ytd wordcount: 52,300
miles to Minas Tirith: 19.4

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unexpectedly advanced

So, because somebody else said to me today that my Pilates and swimming were inspiring (which I am very pleased, if somewhat befuddled, by; I’ve been doing this barely a month! it hardly seems like it’s enough to inspire!), I went to look at the intermediate stage of the Pilates exercise I’ve been doing. Not because I was going to start them right away (today ended week 5! the ones I’m doing are getting a little boring! but they’re still not *easy*), but because I wanted to see what I was getting myself into when I stepped it up a notch.

It was exactly the same workout.

Bewildered, I went and looked very carefully at the beginner’s workout, and then at the intermediate one. Ah. Two of the exercises have added two more reps to them, in the intermediate stage.

Well, okay, except…I’ve been doing that many reps all along. It’s because of my dance training: it’s really hard for me to do things in counts of 6, which is what the beginner set mostly required. I do them in counts of 8, which is what the intermediate set has stepped up to. And they have no advanced workout. (Trip says I am unexpectedly advanced!) So I’m at a loss as to what to do!

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