January 23rd, 2009


! updates! and exercise!

Holy crap, my WordPress is all updated! THANK YOU, O SOAPTURTLEY ONE! *bows down before you*! Hoo, it’s all shiny and new and, er, I can’t spend three hours playing with it because I have to go write very soon. All I will do right now is make certain the cross-posting thing is working….

I have completed 2 weeks (3x a week) of Pilates and v. light upper body weight lifting now. On the 12th of January I couldn’t do any pushups at the end of a set of Pilates & weights. Now I can do 8. And the incredibly painful Pilates set is not really painful at all anymore, and I can do the two “roll-up” exercises much more in the manner that they’re intended to be done, using my abs almost entirely instead of relying heavily on my mighty thighs. I’m *extremely* pleased.

I had been planning to do 6-8 weeks of this beginning set of Pilates exercise. I’m thinking now that I’ll do 3-4 weeks of it instead. Probably 4, ’cause a month sounds like a good amount of time before stepping up a notch. I’m thinking that next week I’ll start doing barre work, too (I’d sure like to have an actual barre to work with), because my legs are feeling neglected, and I far prefer ballet exercises over lower body weight lifting, particularly since I’m not all that impressed with the lower body machines at the gym.

All right. Off to check the cross-post and then to work. *scoots*

(eta: cool. it’s working. THANK YOU!)

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