January 19th, 2009


extremely eclectic post

Ted was morally superior this morning and got up and went to the gym. I, on the other hand, slept until the cats came and lay on me, and then slept some more. I’ll go do my pilates in a minute, but I feel kind of guilty. Especially since it’s not actually raining this morning, and I fear I’ve lost my only chance for getting outside when it’s not miserable.

…I wish people would put their twitters behind cut tags. I do not care about twitter. If I wanted to read twitters, I would join twitter. It would be fine if LJ would allow me to filter my flist for specific words, and that way I could just filter out the twitters, which would presumably make everybody happy.

It was not a writeful weekend. We did watch the rest of season one Sanctuary. Peter Wingfield is still incredibly gorgeous, and Sanctuary was a welcome relief after the latest BSG, Supernatural and Smallville (well, ok, Smallville is not the Hammer Of Angst that the other two shows are, but BSG has clearly been attending the GRRM/Joss Whedon school of writing (they have been all along, but Jesus *Christ*)). Assuming the CW doesn’t go under, I’m going to be heretical and say I kind of want a season 9 of Smallville, because a 9th season will allow them to finish season 8 in the best possible way it can be done.

I have some small hope of remembering to practice (which is to say, start over entirely with) the tin whistle today/this week. Somewhere round about last August I kind of went ‘why the hell did I stop practicing, I was doing so well /with/ the practicing’ and then I followed it up with ‘oh yeah, because I BROKE TWO FINGERS’. Around November I started being able to once more support weight with those fingers, although I can still crink them more easily than I like, but they’re certainly tin-whistle-okay. I wonder where I put the thing…

Every time I turn the computer on I get Bon Jovi’s “Dry County” stuck in my head, because I’ve got the rough draft cover for WALKING DEAD as my desktop background, and it’s got a tag line of “NO ONE’S GETTING OUT OF THERE ALIVE”. It took over a week for me to figure out *why* I kept getting that song stuck in my head.

…does anybody feel like upgrading WordPress for me? I’ll say nice things about you in the acknowledgements of a book…

Ooh, I finished the Sun Sword books. Really good. Fewer people died than I expected. I want to know what happens next. I’ll have to read the HUNTER books, and someday when they’re all out, the HOUSE WAR books (although I don’t really *care* about the formation of the Den. I just want to know what happens *next*.)

All right, this is not at all like doing pilates, much less writing. *slogs off*

miles to Dunharrow: 132.8

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