January 7th, 2009


thinks to do

- buy cat food & cocoa powder
- upload pencils for chance #4
- do the )(*&)(# thumbnail sketch for page 1 of chance #4 before ardian flies from indonesia to kill me
- do the dear reader letter
- email the talent search woman
- email lanny
- go for a walk
- write

…for a woman who, for the first time since she started a writing schedule, only has the 3 actual deadlines that are contracted for this year on it, I seem to be putting a number of make-more-work-for-myself things on that list. (Ok, only two, but still. These things get out of control easily.)

ZOMG. We have just gotten a Giant Box full of mac&cheese, marshmallow fluff, TWO POUNDS of Nestles Tollhouse semi-sweet chocolate chips, *POP TARTS*, and Nutella. lease, you are an angel of mercy and kindness! Thank you! *nibbles the corner of a pop tart and swoons*

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Publishers Weekly starred review

Four fantasy heavyweights contribute original tales featuring intriguing female protagonists to this enthralling anthology. Kelley Armstrong expands her Women of the Otherworld series to include spunky Toronto vampire Zoe Takano, who proves herself a master of “Zen and the Art of Vampirism” as she fends off dimwitted trespassers. Centuries after the events of The Crown of Stars, Quman hunter Kereka struggles against her tribe’s misogyny in Kate Elliott’s strong but staccato “Riding the Shore of the River of Death.” Baba Yaga’s daughter, the beautiful and quixotic narrator of C.E. Murphy’s tightly crafted “From Russia, with Love,” turns the tables on Janx and Eliseo Daisani (familiar from Hands of Flame). Only the setting ties Robin Hobb’s “Words Like Coins” to her Farseer trilogy, but its multilayered discussion of the power of words easily stands alone. Fans and new readers alike will find plenty to love. (Mar.)

I never got a starred review before! :) I’m still pretty excited about this anthology, and lovely reviews are icing on the cake.

My editor said I could show off the cover for THE PRETENDER’S CROWN after the new year, so it’s Collapse )

It seems like there were other things I should mention, but I cannot hold them in my tiny little mind. Maybe I’ll remember later.

(eta: ooh! And pencils from issue 5 of Chance, as posted by Ardian!)

ytd wordcount: 2300
miles to Dunharrow: 109.8

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