January 1st, 2009


Happy New Year

May 2009 be a better year in all respects than 2008 (even if you’ve had a very good 2008!).

(eta at 11am the next day: Oh darn. I forgot this thing didn’t propagate to LJ if it was set to post ahead, so my friends-list didn’t come up with a 12:01 ‘happy new year’ for everyone. oh well. Happy New Year anyway. :))

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movie meme & new year thoughts

Nabbed from tambowrites:

Supposedly if you’ve seen more than 85 of the 239 films on this list, you have no life. Copy this list, then put x’s next to the films you’ve seen, and add them up. I tag anyone who wants to play. Have fun.

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My grand total: 103

Doesn’t especially seem like a “no-life” number to me. Also, irrelevantly, it seems I read 97 books in 2008, which is only 7 shy of the minimum number I /ought/ to read every year. A great number of those were graphic novels, which always seem vaguely cheaty to me, but I think I’ll take it. And I wrote 360,000 words, and I walked 1160 miles, which is about twice as much as I’ve walked every year previous to this in which I’ve been tracking miles around Middle Earth, and normally this is where I would write down this year’s revolutions.

I don’t think I’m going to do any this year. My friend lease says that under the dictionary definition of ‘ambition’ it says: see Murphy, C.E., and I suspect not writing down my work goals is not going to in any way prevent me from going all over-achiever on them. I have three books due in 2009; that, really, is enough of a structure. And last year’s writing down of non-work goals didn’t spur me to do them, it just makes me feel tired and sad that I didn’t achieve them. So right now I’m just kind of feeling like trying to go with whatever happens and putting as few strictures and expectations on it as my type-A personality will allow.

2008 miles to Dunharrow: 93.5
miles to Dunharrow: 96.2

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