December 16th, 2008


Take A Chance: City of Heroes

If there is a such thing in the world as a comic shop that actually puts its comics out on Tuesday, today is the official launch date for Take A Chance. Really, it’s probably tomorrow, but today is technically Publication Day.

In celebration, I’m posting a series of Chance icons I’ve done from issue #1, and some of the very first Chance sketches by Ardian Syaf (who, as we all know, has gone on to do brilliant things with Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files comic book!), along with some (very brief) character sketch notes about some of the major players.

As it happens, it seems that the comic shop I normally shop at will not have Chance in until after Christmas, which means I’m going to have to turn to you, my faithful readers, for pictures and reports of Chance In The Wild. I’ll figure out some kind of contest or prize or something for pictures posted in the comments thread here. :)

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