December 2nd, 2008


Fantasy Medley

A FANTASY MEDLEY got a really *wonderful* review from Green Man Review, and, lost in admiration of all of us as writers, I went and re-read it, including my own “From Russia, With Love”.

It is possible that this is my favorite thing I’ve ever written, edging out even RIGHT ANGLES TO FAERYLAND (though I rather expect that it might regain its top placing when I someday revise it). I really, really love this story. I usually generally like my own writing (which I choose to interpret as a good sign), but there’s just something about this one that really works for me. Part of it is that it tells a story I’ve known existed almost since I started writing the Old Races books almost six years ago. Part of it is that I think I did a good job with the voice. Part of it is that it exposes new things about the world of the Old Races. But mostly it’s just that if you take all the parts and put them together it comes out to a story that I just flat out love. :)

You should pre-order a copy if you haven’t already. :)

And now I will have lunch and go finish my short story which I did not finish over the weekend. *guilty*

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