November 6th, 2008


sloggy progress

Yesterday was utterly useless. Today I decided I needed to focus on either revisions or writing, and given that revisions will pay me sooner, I worked on revisions today. o.O I’m actually about halfway through the WALKING DEAD manuscript now, so it’s going pretty well, although it’s in the last quarter that my editor thinks it really needs work, so. Hopefully I’ll lurch through the third quarter tomorrow and do the last bit over the weekend so I can 1. turn it in and 2. start catching up with NNWM on Monday.

I did manage (sort of accidentally) to write the first five hundred words or so of the seventh Walker Papers novel. Pity I haven’t written five or six yet. :)

I have to give the computer to poor Ted, who’s falling asleep. :)

ytd wordcount: 345,200
miles to Isengard: 469.1

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