November 1st, 2008



In about 15 minutes I’m going to go to my writing computer for the first time in a couple of months* to begin creating new words. I was not nearly man (or foolish) enough to start Nano at 12:01am, although I’m sure plenty of people were, but I’ve decided I’m not going for 75K this month as I’d originally intended, so hopefully I don’t need the early start. (Instead I’m going to try the impossible, which is to spend the next week not only getting 1700 new words a day written on TRUTHSEEKER, but also getting the revisions on WALKING DEAD done. I expect I’ll know by tomorrow whether I can do that or not. I have never successfully written one novel while revising another, so I’m not hopeful, but I’ll give it a shot. NNWM goes on the back burner until the revisions are done if I can’t.)

I’m here (ce_murphy) at the NaNoWriMo site. I am not, sadly, smart enough to figure out how to find other people to buddy them there unless they provide a direct link or buddy me first, so hopefully you’ll find me. :) And I’ll be at my writing community, toonowrimo/toonowrimo, all month. Maybe I’ll even manage to keep it resurrected for challenges into the new year, although I think I’ll just try to get through November first. :) Anyway, good luck to all my fellow Nanoers! :)

*Ok, technically I’ve been there to do a couple of short story bits and to type in revisions, but I have not sat at Nook to commit Noveling since about August 11th. So that’s what I’m counting.

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