October 20th, 2008


if I had been smart…

If I’d been smart, I’d have taken the “a few more loose ends to tie up” secondary revision letter from Betsy as a sign that I should work, and not go to Octocon this weekend. I’m glad I *did* go, you understand; it was a pleasant weekend and I got to hang out with people I like, but unquestionably in terms of Getting Stuff Done it was not the smart choice. On the positive side, the revisions are *extremely* minor and shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours at most, so they’re not going to throw me off as badly as I feared they might.

I’m going to be bringing the WALKING DEAD manuscript with me to South Carolina, in hopes of at least getting it read/writing notes-to-self about ways and places to do revisions on it. This is not ideal. On the other hand, I’m trying to hold to a really tight schedule for the next six weeks, and I see no other way to achieve it. I also need to remember to bring my notebook so I can work on a rough draft for the Morrigan short story. There is, frankly, no way I’m getting the revisions done before November, but maybe if I really manage to hold myself together I can get them done by around the 3rd, and not be too far behind in NNWMing.

So, today:

- final PRETENDER’S CROWN revisions
- type up critique notes for the last 3 critiques
- print out critique notes
- do laundry. all of it. including the pants i’m currently wearing.
- get the dialog class outline/handout sorted
- ideally start packing, since I become a total Ms. Grumpybutt about packing the closer it gets to time to leave

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