October 1st, 2008



I don’t know how it got to be October already.

However, in celebration, or something, of it being the final quarter of the year, I decided to start doing Pilates this morning. The goal is to do exercises every other day, so 3-4 times a week. My core muscles are pretty mushy and have been for a very long time, so yeah. Trying to do something about that.

oh my GOD i’m going to be a whimpering pathetic blob tomorrow. o.o *ded*

Stay tuned later for groaning about sore muscles more live revision process blogging. :)

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editing stats

I am doing something New & Strange with this revision.

Typically when I’m working, I have Word’s display set to 85% of full size, and I have the style set to normal, so there are no particularly noticeable page breaks. I really loathe the print view, where each page is wholly separate. It throws off my mojo. But for this revision, that’s how I’m looking at the manuscript: one page at a time, and at 100% magnification.

I actually think it’s making a significant difference. It means I’m looking at a different screen, and one of the things I’ve come to notice is that when it comes to revisions and editing, changing the font, the line spacing, the margins, all of that, can really help, because my eyes are already accustomed to the patterns the words make in my usual viewing style and a different font/style/whatever means I have to look harder. So I genuinely think this change is making a difference, and that’s a good thing to remember for future revisions.

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End of day stats: manuscript length: 690 pages. Total pages cut so far: 27. I’ve quite literally cut 10% of the manuscript: on the original manuscript, Chapter 11 starts on page 275. On the revised manuscript, it starts on page 250.

…that’s quite good, actually. I’m quite pleased with that.

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