June 19th, 2008


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Upon entering the house this morning, I was greeted with a sharp “BIP!” from the smoke detector, which was clearly possessed of a failing battery. Sadly, I could not cause it to stop BIP!ping, so I called my daddy and asked if he was a hero.

He came over with a ladder and a screwdriver and took it down and took the battery out while I wailed, “I’m an artist! I can’t work under these conditions!” Smoke alarm dismantled, I admired my Heroic Daddy. He looked modest. He prepared to leave. The de-batteried smoke alarm went “BIP!”

We stared at it. We stared at each other. We stared at it some more. It went, “BIP!” We examined it, and saw no visible sign of the electronics upon which it no doubt relies to make it go BIP! when the battery is dead.

It’s in the refrigerator now.

I am narrowly going to miss the mark of writing as much from January-June this year as I wrote in the entirety of 2007. The next week is incredibly hectic. I’m going back down to Cork tomorrow and coming back Sunday. The movers are packing up the house on Monday and will be here either Monday night or Tuesday morning. Aberdeen will be here Tuesday morning(ish) through…Thursday morning, maybe, or maybe only through Wednesday night. My sister’s coming out for a photo shoot Tuesday afternoon. I figure if I get 10K written in the next week I’ll be doing really, really well, and that’ll put me…about 20K short of last year’s total. Which I could theoretically make up in the remaining few days of the month after that, but I don’t think I’m really going to try. :)

I did, however, pass through the 33% mark on the book, and forged on to 40K. I’ll be really, really happy to make 50K by this time next week. That’s the next big landmark.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
40,123 / 110,000

ytd wordcount: 241,500
miles to Isengard: 18.4

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