May 12th, 2008


guest blogging

I’m guest blogging today over at miladyinsanity!

Unless this chapter does something totally unexpected, I’m not going to finish this book today. Knowing this makes working on it somewhat less fun. Unfortunately, if I don’t work on it, I won’t finish the damned thing tomorrow, either, and I have *got* to have it turned in by Wednesday because I’ve got AAs to do for HANDS OF FLAME, and they’ve already given me a week extension on those while I try to finish up TPC.

Also, surprisingly, someone sent me a Lilith Saintcrow ARC to read. I have absolutely no recollection of being asked to read one, so I don’t know if I’m just a random fortunate recipient or if they’re hoping for a cover quote. :)

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The warmth of my office and the late start and the general brainlessness has defeated me. I still have 2000 words or so to write on this chapter, and 5000 or so to finish the book (unless it takes 7 or 8 thousand), but I am defeated. I’ll have to finish tomorrow, which means I won’t be rewriting the prologue tomorrow, but…well…tough. Just tough. Tomorrow’s writing should go a little more easily, at least, because I won’t be stitching in bits I wrote a while ago.

I am going to have all of this crap done by the weekend. TPC will be turned in. The AAs on HoF will be turned in. And I will have a nice quiet weekend with Ted celebrating our 11th anniversary.

*looks determined*

ytd wordcount: 194,400

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