May 10th, 2008


bloody hell

Bloody hell, I’m tired. I’m sure it’s a combination of having stepped my exercise up from nothing* to Quite A Lot over the last two weeks, and simply sleeping less because it’s lighter out and so I wake up earlier. But damn, I’m *tired*. I may try giving myself a day off from exercise tomorrow, although that’s hard to do, because once I’ve got a goal in mind (current goal: walk 6 miles a day. average achieved goal over the last 2 weeks: 5.75 miles a day.) it’s very hard to shake the idea that it’s negotiable. That it is not, in fact, set in stone, but more of a moving target. This mindset, now that I think about it, may be why I don’t seem to be terribly good at having hobbies. I seem to think I need to put 100% into everything all the time. :)

Anyway. Knackered, was the point there. Left the house to do my writing today, because I was falling asleep at the keyboard, and got 5 or 6 pages written, plus what I think is a reasonably detailed outline for the remainder of the book. I’m now trying to convince myself I can stay awake to type in what I wrote today, and spend a bit more time finishing a scene and … yeah. I should do it today, because if I wait til tomorrow it’ll feel like a day’s work tomorrow and then I won’t get anything more done. And I’m so close to finished with the whole thing…

Last night was very nice. We trundled over to Sammy & Myles’s and visited with them and Kate, and everyone seems well. Well, for the value of “well” that involves 3 of the 5 adults present (and apparently at least one of the children, but the children were in bed, so not technically *present*) having colds and feeling a bit like death warmed over. :) But we had a good time! :)

Okay. If I go to work I can probably get quite a lot done by 5, and maybe if I go easy on the exercise tomorrow, I can take all my energy and throw it into finishing this book. *trundles off*

*suricattus would rightfully point out that in fact “nothing” was walking 2-3 miles a day and that perhaps I oughtn’t knock it.

miles to Minas Tirith: 386.8

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