May 5th, 2008


zip zip zip

I actually got a huge amount done on Friday, although out of the four things on the “Must Do Today” list, only 2 of them got done. Still, one of them was the critical one, and I did get a lot done.

And IRON MAN *rocked*. I will see it again in the theatre. Possibly twice. And on the off chance you haven’t been told yet, stay through the credits.

We also went to “Nim’s Island”, which was cute if not Ted’s cup of tea (I like kids’ movies better than he does, generally, I think, but the neurotic writer bonus was also funny to me :)) and to “Made of Honour”, which was extremely formulaic but cute enough. Kevin McKidd’s Scottish accent was terrible in the same way Roma Downey’s Irish accent is terrible: he’s been using other accents for so long he now has to put on a Scottish one, and he’s not very good at it. Still, Kevin McKidd! Yay! :)

Other than that, it was a working weekend. And today is a bank holiday in Ireland, and…a working weekend. Just gotta finish TPC and do my HoF AAs. Then I’m taking a week off before starting WP#4. *chants this to self*

Um. Merlin pointed me at this Batman vs the Dark Knight trailer, and it is totally made of win. Or here we have Halle Berry’s breasts distracting a talk show host, link courtsey of Deborah. And last but not least, though totally different in content, Yanni Kuznia of Subterranean Press was good enough to guest blog for us at Magical Words on Friday.

Sometime–you know, in my copious free time–I need to update WordPress and go through my mood icons and re-set them to moods I’m more likely to use.

thinks left to do:
- respond to barbara
- edit the hell out of TPC
- write guest blog #2

miles to Minas Tirith: 352.7

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