April 28th, 2008


an eventful morning!

We caught the little black kitten!

I was up early and went for my walk, and the girl I’d talked to last week (who proves to also be named Catie, though she spells hers wrong) had brought food and had found the kitten this morning, and was feeding it. I went tearing back home to get our cat carrier, because though she’d brought one it was in her car which was at the train station and therefore considerably further away than mine, and then went tearing back to the park, where the kitten was still eating and permitting Katie to pet it. So we picked it up (a job which indeed did take two people: it was eating just on the other side of a metal fence, and it required three hands to get it through the bars) and put it in the carrier, where it made teeny tiny concerned ‘meewww’ sounds, but didn’t otherwise seem too upset. Katie called her friend with the cattery, and because she had to rush off to work, I hung around and waited for the friend to arrive, which she did, and now the kitten is at the vet. We had at least three people stop to ask after the kitten, and one of them was carrying around a tiny can of tuna to try to bribe the little thing with. So! That’s good. Now if we can just catch the torty!

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I am utterly, but pleasantly, knackered.

The weekend, during which I didn’t post at *all*, which is very strange indeed, was very nice. Saturday we watched Doctor Who (Donna is fast becoming my favorite companion, even though I really did love Rose), caught up on Smallville (which, man. I know there’s a lot of popular opinion that it’s jumped the shark, but because I love the Lex storyline so much I’m willing to give them an awful lot of rope to hang themselves with. And the Lex story has, really, afaic, completed with this last episode, and the Clark story…has got Shark Jumping written all over it. *So* dubious.) and on BSG (which, *augh*), and watched a romcom on Friday night, and … faffed around Sunday night. :)

I read three books, though I’d intended on reading more and got distracted by…well, Sunday was weirdly busy, with walking and kitchen-cleaning and baking and a bit of sneak-attack writing born from having the first bit of the SubPress short story fall into my head, and so I ended up not reading a book despite my best intentions.

I have walked very nearly six miles every day for the last four days. Lisa, a while ago, said, “Kit lives in a strange magical world where ’six miles’ are not the same as they are in my world. I walk six miles once a year. Around an industrial park. For charity.”

Today, for some ungodly reason (like, having gone to bed at 10:15 last night, probably), I woke up at 6:15, and *got up*. Wrote a bit. Went forth and helped capture a kitten. Came back home. Eventually dragged myself out of the house to work on revisions for TPC, which mostly confirmed that the problems aren’t in the first 150 pages of the book, which was as far as I got. The prologue needs rewriting and a scene needs to be added. Tomorrow I’ll get an earlier start (chasing kittens took a long time!) and hopefully get into the meatier, and more problematic, parts of the book.

Oh, hey, Karen Duvall tagged me for a meme, so I’ll stick that behind the cut tag before going off to nap on the couch. :)

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ytd wordcount: 184,100
miles to Minas Tirith: 319.4

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