March 31st, 2008


a splendid weekend!

It was a splendid weekend.

We trundled up to Dublin and got checked into the hotel, which gave us a very nice suite (which included its own water feature, as expounded on later), then met my parents for an early dinner. Dinner was overtaken (by our invitation, not by rudeness) by Maura McHugh and, after a bit, Pádraig and Deirdre, and…

…and I can see I’m going to be here for the rest of my life if I keep putting in people’s web addresses. I think I’ll by and large forego that particular indulgence. :)

Anyway, talking and dining with Mom and Dad was very nice, though I think it set what’s an inevitable tone for any convention weekend: not enough time to talk to people you already know, but great opportunities to talk with people you’ve never before met. :) It was fun, anyway. :)

We took ourselves off to Chapters for the book signing with Juliet McKenna and Oisin McGann, which I thought went quite well. Multiple-author signings are always good, ’cause at least if no one comes to buy books you’ve got someone to talk to, but in fact people came to buy books and get them signed! Yay! :) Ted took some pictures, as did my parents, so I’ll post those later. Scurried back to the hotel for the opening ceremonies, and when we went upstairs to the room, discovered a waterfall in the living room area of the suite: a pipe had burst in the room above, apparently, and water was just pouring down. Ted went tearing off to tell the hotel about it, and was left with the impression that somebody’d be right there to deal with the mess in the room, and so in waiting for them missed the opening ceremonies.

Which is too bad, because they were brilliant.

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