March 27th, 2008



Zomg, I forgot how *easy* having hair this short was. I was in the shower and I was like *washwash* dude I’m done! Two minutes tops! I wanna go swimming! (All I need is money to pay for a pool worth swimming in…) Also, Ted, Hero of the Revolution, found my sassy glasses, which are FEROCIOUSLY cute with this haircut. And my Matrix sunglasses and this haircut = badass Kit.

I’m featured this week over at Harlequin’s paranormal romance blog, where I talk about HOUSE OF CARDS and … mostly about HOUSE OF CARDS. Go forth, if you feel so inspired, read, comment and make them think I’m a really big draw to the blog. :)

P-Con starts tomorrow! I am GoH! I think it will be fun! …I’ll be an utter *zombie* on Monday, mind you, but it’ll be fun. And Ted is on a panel about what it’s like being married to a full-time writer, which I’m quite looking forward to attending. :)

Iiiii…am closing in on 100K on this book. About…well, 2K more, technically, because I’ve got a 2000 word scene that fits in later that’s not part of the actual current build-up of words and pages. 4K in straight beginning-to-end terms. I think I’ll go write for a while longer today, and maybe I’ll get up early enough to do some work before catching the train to Dublin tomorrow. (*Maybe* I’ll actually do some work over the weekend, but mostly that thought inspired a “bahahahahah!” in me, so probably not. So it’d be nice to hit 100K by tomorrow afternoon, don’t you think?)

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metrics before p-con

You know, P-Con is looking to me like it’s going to be a really great con. I’ve forgotten to post my schedule, which is as follows:

11 A.M. : Visualisation
Brian J Showers / C. E. Murphy / Peter Morwood

2 P.M. Guest Of Honour Interview
C. E. Murphy

8:30 P.M. Book Launch
C.E. Murphy, “House Of Cards”

SUNDAY 30 March
10 A.M. Comic Books Go To The Movies
C. E. Murphy / Diane Duane / Michael Carroll

12 P.M. Science Fiction Is A Girl Thing Too!
C. E. Murphy / Inge Heyer / Oisin McGann / Raven Dane

2 P.M. How To Write With A Full Time Job
C. E. Murphy / Colin Harvey / John Kenny

Just enough to keep me hopping, I think. :) Inevitably, and to the con’s credit, there are things scheduled across from panels I’ll be on that I’d like to be *attending*, and that always means things are going well, in my opinion. :)

Ted came upstairs, blithely threw a few articles of clothing into the suitcase, and proclaimed himself packed for the weekend. I, on the other hand, realized I was verging on bringing five pair of shoes for a three day weekend, and tried again. I am still not satisfied with what I’ve got. This is in large part because I’ve gained back 20 pounds and only lost about three of them, so none of my cool clothes fit me (which *sucks*, because I have some really good clothes). However, Ted then went and heroically cleaned the kitchen, so I can’t hate him very much. :)

So we’re mostly packed. THE PRETENDER’S CROWN is slightly over 100K, which is 70% done if it comes in at the shorter end of the anticipated wordcount, and about 60% done if it comes in at the longer end. And if it’s longer than that I’ll kill myself, so it’s not even worth thinking about. Man, I hope it comes in near the shorter end. Anyway, so that goal’s more or less achieved (I’d still like to see 400 actual consecutive pages, but I doubt I’m getting up early enough to write 2K before we leave tomorrow.) I guess this makes us generally ready to go.

Bed now, and off to P-Con in the morning! Hooray!

ytd wordcount: 117,600
miles to Minas Tirith: 212.1

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