March 26th, 2008


compulsive hair disorder

P-Con is in two days. I keep considering showing up with a shiny new v. short haircut. I have deduced that I feel my hair should either be short enough to show my ears, or long enough to pull back, because with this chin-length bob I never wear earrings, and there’s no point in having five ear holes into which I never put earrings. And in looking at pictures of me with long hair, I don’t actually *like* long hair on me very much, which suggests short is perhaps the wiser way to go.

OTOH, I should know by now that I shouldn’t get my hair cut when I’m in the middle of writing a book. OTOH, I am never not in the middle of writing a book.

I can see two advantages to cutting it short: one is it would remove most of the bleached stuff, which I use as an excuse to not swim because it would only damage that hair that much more. (I would obviously be obliged to find *another* excuse not to swim, then.) The other is that short hair recovers from hat head more readily, and with summer coming up and the anticipation of wearing a big hat a lot, that’d be nice.

…why don’t I have a CHD icon?

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chd strikes but good!

A few weeks ago, in a fit of frustration at my hair, I trimmed my bangs a bit, and spent the last few weeks astonished at how much more pleasant it was to not have those long fringes in the way. I liked that I could see my face better.

So I went to the stylist today and had them re-do the color on my bangs first, while I considered the rest of my hair, so I sat there looking at myself for the better part of an hour (which is somewhat more vanity than I usually indulge in, just for the record). They’d pulled the rest of my hair back to get at the bangs, so I spent a while entertaining myself by pulling it loose again, and looking at it, and putting it back again.

And I decided that I was, in fact, really tired of having hair around my face. And it struck me that for the last several years, when I’ve gotten my hair cut, I’ve kept length in the front because growing out a fringe is such a freaking you-know-what in the ass. I mean, like, since I shaved my head, I’ve done that, so we’re talking about eight years, which is a long time.

So now I don’t have any hair around my face anymore:

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