March 18th, 2008


The Great Plot Synopsis Project

A couple of weeks ago I got email from Joshua Palmatier inviting me to participate in the Great Plot Synopsis Project, wherein he was asking a bunch of published writers to post a book synopsis in order to help show aspiring writers how they're done. (Joshua keeps having good ideas like this and then *following through on them*. I think he's an alien.) So today is the Great Plot Synopsis Project Post Day, and I'm posting. :)

I have blatantly stolen the Synopsis Q&A Joshua posted in the post that inspired all of this. I have stolen it 'cause it's so much easier than *thinking*... :)

Please note that there are SPOILERS for URBAN SHAMAN behind this cut. The book synopsis is replicated in its entirety. As it happens, because of how this particular synopsis is written, it's not *very* spoilery, but it is spoilery! So be warned, and now you can, if you wish,

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kateelliott posts about why she's *not* participating at SF Novelists, and it's as useful a blog entry as any of the others, I think.

The URBAN SHAMAN synopsis, as it was said in the body of the post, was written after the book. If people would like to see a synopsis written *before* the book, let me know. (I'd probably use THE CARDINAL RULE, but I could potentially use one of the other Walker Papers, "Banshee Cries" or COYOTE DREAMS. Not gonna do the Negotiator books, they're too new. Let me know if I should do that.

best friends evar :)

I have the best, and funniest, friends in the world.

Trent sent me a care package filled with the things I’d asked for–hairspray, dental floss, toothpaste, ibuprofen, books (oh lordy, the books! Carol Berg’s BREATH & BONE, Jim Hines’ GOBLIN WAR and Jack Campbell’s COURAGEOUS, all of which I want to read right now), chocolate chips–and a bag of root beer candies and a bag of other-flavor-soda candies, neither of which I asked for and which are the second time somebody in the US has taken pity on my lack of root beer and sent me candies. *laughs and laughs* I really do have the best friends. :)

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