March 11th, 2008


I’m awake! I’M AWAKE!

Several minutes ago there was a great crashing of glass. Ted, jerked from sleep, said, “God damn cat! God! Damn! Cat!” with unusual vehemence, and leapt out of bed. I followed, less annoyed but equally awake, and we searched the house, finding a slinking, guilty Zilli, but no broken glass, much less the broken crystal that I feared. We determined it must’ve been outside.

It turned out Ted’s vehemence was born from Lucy puking outside the bedroom door at 4am, an incident which I blissfully slept through. And now he, very sensibly, has gone back to bed, whereas I figure if I go back to bed I won’t get up for at least two hours and won’t start writing until 10am. So I guess I better just go ahead and go to work…

ytd wordcount: 86,200
miles to Minas Tirith: 170.5

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blogs & metrics

I have utterly failed to mention here on my blog that I’m participating in Magical Words, a group author blog about…writing, at least in theory. :) But I’m mentioning it today because 1. I’ve been meaning to, but much more importantly, 2. I have today brought up the topic of visualization, which is one of my favorite weird things to discuss. People should pop over there and discuss it, and pop over there in general when they can! :)

I didn’t want very much to work today, but I got through about 2900 words and finally went for a walk, hoping it would inspire me some. Instead my little walk turned out to be almost 6 miles and 2900 words is my final answer for the day. *squinchy face*

ytd wordcount: 89,100
miles to Minas Tirith: 176.2

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