February 27th, 2008


not what I planned…

Well, this morning did not go as planned. I went to the gym, which was planned. I walked home, which was planned. But it turned out I’d forgotten my keys, and Ted was in the back garden hacking away, so neither ringing nor knocking nor calling nor shouting could gain his attention. After a few minutes of trying all of those, I shrugged and went for a walk. Consequently, by 11:20am, when I got back home again (where, fortunately, Ted had come inside for a break), I’d walked over six miles. Right now I’m still feeling quite perky and cheerful from it all, but OMG I bet I’ll crash hard later.

Anyway, the plan *had* been to gym, then go to work on HoF revisions. I’ve done dishes (need to go start laundry) and had lunch, and wow, I just kind of noticed that typing is a whole lot easier today. I’m almost up to speed. The period key is still a little owie to hit, but not so much that I’m avoiding it by using my middle finger instead of my ring finger. YAY. Er, anyway, laundry-starting and then revisions, that’s the new plan.

Trad music at the new pub tonight. Must remember to go.

miles to Minas Tirith: 133.5

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