February 25th, 2008


last chance saloon

Although the intarwebs have clearly got an opinion already, I figured I’d mention one more time: I’m running a poll as to which photo set I should submit to an exhibition. Submission deadline’s Thursday, so this will be the last time I have time to collect opinions. As if there was a question as to which set you all think I should submit. :) (thank you, btw, to whomever voted for the flowers: I have the impression you felt sorry for them, the poor lil’ neglected things. :) But I didn’t figure they’d be a top vote-getter: they’re pretty, but not…atmospheric, I guess.)

thinks to do today:
- upload Chance #1 for the Dabels
- go to the gym
- write 2K on TPC
- print out HoF & revision letter
- clean the kitchen
- make bread
- do laundry
- write CEMurphy.net newsletter
- post TQB excerpt

thinks to do this week:
- go to the photo shop to:
» get graveyard photo set printed
» ask where I can buy photo sleeves, backers & mailers in bulk
- HoF revisions

Hm. While I’m after getting the 5×7 photo sets printed, should I be looking at getting, say, 8×12s of some of them printed as well? Not, presumably, to buy as a set, but again in comments people’ve expressed interest in individual prints. Not sure what price point to sell 8×12s at, either. $30, including S&H? (Perhaps I should be running another poll…)

Ok, this is very much like procrastinating at this point, so I will go break fast and then work. *trundles off*

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Today I got everything on my thinks to do list done except writing. I suddenly suspect that this is basically why I stop doing everything else when I’m writing: the slightest excuse hares me off and then it’s 6pm and I’m not likely to start writing *now*.

*yawns brains out* I might’ve had more profound things to say, but I’m yawning my brains out so I’m going to bed.

Oh! I’ve been LOL-booked! :)

miles to Minas Tirith: 122.5

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