February 13th, 2008


a brief update

Dublin and the NISFA meeting were grand. Seeing the family was grand.

Falling down the bus stairs when the driver accelerated and braked both very hard in very short succession and jamming the holy living shit out of my right pinky and ring finger was not so grand.

Both fingers are, on the palm side, purple and black from the top knuckle to the palm. This is with being coated in magic-bruise-reducing arnica since half an hour after it happened. :p They look like hell. They don’t hurt much,–they’re mostly numb little sausages, really–but the mobility is decreasing as the swelling increases. They’re clearly not broken in any kind of compound fracture way, but if the swelling isn’t significantly reduced by tomorrow I think I’d better find a doctor, which is something I have no idea how to do here. I mean, if they’re broken with a simple fracture, there’s not a damned thing a doctor can do besides tape them, which I’ve been doing anyway, but I don’t know, maybe I can sue the frigging Dublin bus company for time lost at work or something, because as you might imagine, I’m not typing very damned fast right now.

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thinks to do, revised

leaving the house stuff
- gym 4 times this week go for some walks. no weight lifting likely with this hand :p

chance stuff
- get my feet under dealing with Chance covers
- pursue any Chance notes that have not been pursued
» notes for Ardian
» still with the 4th issue page 1 sketch
» get issue #1 uploaded for the Dabels by Fri?
- continue to search out artists

house stuff
- clean the bathroom
- get the living room, which has not quite reached out of control, back under control
- make some attempt at hacking the back garden into shape hah not likely now

writer stuff
- get books into the mail
- get new photographs printed up
- write 12,000 words the 6th Chance issue, which I can two-finger-type more easily than TPC :p
- see how long HANDS OF FLAME revisions can be avoided, which means
- read the revision letter

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