February 7th, 2008



Ever have those dreams where an entire book downloads into your head at once and you know you’re dreaming and you actually think, “Oh, god, the whole book just downloaded,” but you know you’re not going to be able to hold on to it so you’re frantically trying to write it down except you’re trying to write it in the dream and the words keep changing so dammit you at least try to *dream* it really solidly so maybe some of it will stick and all you wake up with is an awareness that you’ve had a fantastic dystopian near-future SF dream that seems to be the result of a cross between the Age of Apocalypse and GWB’s America and that because you dreampt it you know it’s there in your brain *somewhere* but you don’t know that you’re ever going to get it out again?

Or is that just me?

On the positive side, I got more than a thousand words written on TPC before 9:30. Back to work now.

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Day Four: Triumphant!

Today’s early start meant I finished my 5K before 6pm. If I had been a Truly Swell Person, I would’ve charged along and continued to write until 6, but I’m just not that good a person. At all. But I am 4/5ths of the way through my Writing Blitz week, and tomorrow’s 5K will finish the chapter I’m working on, and probably start another, but it takes me through just about all of the set-up.

I think my Big Event–the one that in the original synopsis for THE QUEEN’S BASTARD was intended to finish that book–might hit around page 300, which I think will be just about perfect. (TQB came out as a 580 page manuscript as it was. Had we kept the synopsis as written, it would’ve turned out to be a 900 page book. Agh! But I actually really like where we cut it, because there is by necessity a viewpoint change for a big chunk of THE PRETENDER’S CROWN, and where we cut it works perfectly for that change.) Anyway, if Big Event happens around page 300, I’m pretty confident the book will come in on the slightly heavy end of 500 pages, which is just what I went in anticipating.

I have written nearly twenty-four thousand words this week, and I’m still looking forward to writing tomorrow. YAY!

ytd wordcount: 67,300
miles to Minas Tirith: 96.3

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