January 28th, 2008


HOUSE OF CARDS giveaway!

The time hath arrived! I shall announce with grandeur and splendour and a couple of other -eur-sounding-words who the lucky winners of HOUSE OF CARDS are! In no particular order:

suzannemcleod, because her surname makes me mumble, “I am Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod,” when I see it, but also because she offered to donate 2x the cover price to the WWF and switch off for Earth Hour, which is an excellent way to my save-the-world heart;

bellinghman, for inadvertently explaining to me why it is I’ve always thought “Janx” was a familiar enough word to make a reasonable name: Oh don’t give me no more of that Old Janx Spirit, he wrote, and clarity fell down upon me like a light from the heavens, singing “AaaaaAAAAAH!” in the way that one expects light from the heavens to do;

Kari on my mizkit.com blog (as opposed to the LJ), for de-lurking and announcing her presence as well as having had the obviously excellent taste to like my books long before she found my blog;

lithera, who really has had a crap year thus far and who could use some cheering up,

and damedini, because she also needs some cheering up, and because I have love in my heart for her default usericon (look, I’m shallow, okay? I’m good with that!). :)

If the winners would email me your snailmail addresses at cemurphyauthor at gmail dot com, and put “HoC winner address” in the subject line, that would be quite splendid. :)

But if you have not gotten a copy, do not despair! This week over on the League of Reluctant Adults blog, they’ll be discussing HEART OF STONE as their first book of the month club book. At the end of the week I’ll give another copy away to an active participant, so go forth, be active, participate, and get a second chance at an early copy of HoC. :)

And to wrap up, I’ve gotten the cover for the third and final book in the Negotiator Trilogy! HANDS OF FLAME, due out in September 2008! (Click through to see a larger version. :))

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Online conversation with a friend just now:

P says “I want to tell you this story.”
P says “So I’m in Borders, just browsing.”
P says “Nice guy comes up to me (who works there) and asks if I need any help.”
P says “I say, yes, as I’m in the F&SF section, does he have a recommendation for something good.”
P says “He asks what genre. I say something alternative, contemp or near contemp, with magic.”
P says “He immediately grabs Heart of Stone and says, ‘Read this.’”
P says “I say, “Is it good?”"
P says “He says, “It’s great.”"

So P bought it.

*beams lots*

ytd wordcount: 36,700
miles to Minas Tirith: 71.9

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