January 18th, 2008


up and running

New computer is up and running, thanks be to Myles for providing it and Ted for doing the heavy lifting. Don’t have the files moved over from the old hard drive yet, but I’ve got the important things installed: City of Heroes, and SimpleMU*. :)

I have managed a whacking 1011 words today, which is not exactly covering myself in glory, although at least it made the 1K wordcount. Still, I don’t think I’m going to do more, as this was a morning when I found myself cleaning the kitchen and sweeping the hall in order to avoid writing. I think I’ll go…

…that sentence was supposed to finish–oh dear, this computer’s set up to a UK keyboard layout. Going to have to fix that. *searches for the ” key* Right. Where was I. Supposed to finish with “see Enchanted again”, but having just looked at the times it’s playing, I’ve missed it. Oops. They changed the schedule, like it was Friday or something. Doity bastads. Man, I wonder if that means I should go back to work.

Naaah. I’ll go for a walk instead.

In the rain. o.O

ytd wordcount: 22,700

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Too many things to do to keep in my head, so I’d better write them down. Sigh.

- borrow Ted’s brain for plotting
- read the s&3
- get a beatsheet for chance #6 written

…I can’t even think of other thinks I need to do. And now Dwan’s got me singing “Don’t go chasing waterfalls” so I’m infecting all of YOU TOO AHAHAHAHA o.o

miles to Minas Tirith: 41.7

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