December 27th, 2007



Snurched from dancinghorse:

In 2008, mizkit resolves to...
Pay for my quotes on time.
Overcome my secret fear of mars.
Cut down on my baking.
Admit my true feelings to silkiemom.
Lose ten mermaids by March.
Connect with my inner x-men.
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one project down...

Ok, Chance #5 is finished. This is good, because it's the last issue Ardian's going to be able to draw, due to him having gone off and gotten a real job with the Dabel Brothers. I wanted to be able to finish the storyline with his artwork, so I ended up changing the end of the story (which needed to be changed because the story itself had strayed quite a distance from the synopsis) so it would fit into the last issue. I think it worked out better this way, as far as storytelling is concerned, too. And there's one page that's just Classic Superhero, and I cannot *wait* to see Ardian's pencils for it. *beam*

Now to deal with the PRETENDER'S CROWN proposal, which I really ought to do today. Short of a miracle, I expect I won't reach my 300K wordcount for the year, but that's all right, really. It's been a sort of emotionally exhausting year, writing-wise.

I did have the appalling thought that if I wrote the two books that are contracted as due in 2008, did a dozen comic scripts, revised ANGLES, and did just one other project I'd be looking at somewhere around 450K in 2008. That is *not* like taking it easier. Fortunately, I suppose, not all of that actually *has* to be done.

What does have to be done is a shower and some lunch and a bit of shopping for food. And a walk. I think I gained forty-eight pounds over the last two weeks.

ytd wordcount: 269,400