December 3rd, 2007


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Looks like Livejournal is being sold. I'll be interested to watch how this develops, because the solitary reason I use LJ is because despite its flaws (and there are many), is that it's one-stop-shopping for comments. I used to use Moveable Type on my own website (and *God* how I miss the ability to, you know, design my own look & feel), but I was collecting 1. a lot of comment spam, and 2. comments in 3 different locations, not all of which were emailed to me.

At the risk of damaging my ego, I think I shall ask:

Would you follow this blog if it left the convenience of LJ?

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I left the house today to work at a cafe in pen and paper. Transcription has netted me around 2K words (far more than I wrote) with another couple pages still to transcribe. I may do this again tomorrow.

I was not, for the record, asking about whether people would follow the blog because I anticipate some kind of hideous, horrible thing happening because LJ has been bought. I don't imagine much will change at all, and can at least wish that if things do change they will perhaps change in the manner of actually allowing me to design my own LJ page without learning the stupid fcked up backend system they've got on LJ. I'm using LJ because its appealing features outweigh the single huge unappealing one, which is, as you might guess, the oft-mentioned design issue. The question was brought up because the sale made me think of it, but every time I try to re-design my page here I think of it too. I just got around to asking it this time.

oh, wow, hot *damn*

Thanks to my very clever husband and my very clever friend knappenp, I have just come up with something *brilliant* for the end of this book.

I don't even know if I'll get to *use* all of this (oh yes I will because it makes such good doom) but *damn* that's sexy. *Damn* that's sexy!