November 25th, 2007


kitty cats and writing

If any of my Seattle-based friends are looking for a cat, perhaps check out cmpriest's plea for a kitty in search of a home. If you're not in search of a cat yourself but have an LJ with Seattle readers, maybe pass this on. She sounds like a very sweet cat.

3100 words so far this morning. There's a writers' group meeting at 1pm in the city centre, and I'm torn on whether to go. I want to, but right now I'm on my hour-long lunch break, and if I go to the meeting I'll bugger up the schedule that's been working for me so far today. So I probably won't. But it's weekly, so perhaps I'll go next week.

Here's the quality of my day today: I have not managed to make a crockpot meal, because it's too much work.

Now, that's somewhat misleading. The actual problem is not the crockpot meal, but rather the fact that the kitchen's a disaster and in order to have room to set the crockpot up, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned. I have done one pass at cleaning it. I have showered. I have breakfasted. I will probably do another cleaning pass before my lunch hour is over, but between that, dinking around online, and actually eating lunch, I'll be out of time for making the meal. Plus damedini says "cook it all day on low" and we are well past the "all day" option.

Well, tomorrow the kitchen will be clean. I'll make it then. I suppose I should find something to make dinner *today* with, though...

Oh good, commentary on the Nanoboards invites me to next week's meeting with no guilt involved for not making it to this week's. Now I'm less muttery about not going. :)

Okay. Lunch and then back to the grindstone.