November 20th, 2007


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The AAs aren't going as quickly as I hoped. This is partly because I got very little indeed done yesterday, but equally as much because it's like (well, actually, it's exactly like, as this is precisely what's happening) now that all the damned copy edit scribbles are out of the way I can now see other problems that I physically couldn't before. This stage isn't nearly as bad as the CEs were, but it's a lot worse than AAs usually are.

My editor has sworn to my agent that I will never get this copyeditor again. It's not that she didn't pick out some good stuff that needed work. It's that 80% of what she picked out is stylistic and didn't need work, and there are places where between the CE's notes, my notes, and production's interpretations of them all, sentences turn to complete gibberish. I will be very *very* glad to get this done with, and boy do I wish I would have one more chance at the manuscript after my corrections have been put in.

Back to the salt mines.


I think I am not fully back on Irish time. I mean, I know copy edits are boring, but I don't usually actually fall asleep doing them. I especially don't usually fall asleep for two hours. I'm seriously going "o.O *blinkblinkblink* mngngngh?" right now. Jaysus, as Seirid has learned to say. Of course, I did get up at a quarter to seven, which is earlier than usual even when I'm properly in my time zone...

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Hrm. I made dinner, but I'm not actually in the least bit interested in eating it. I wonder if I'm sick (I certainly got wheezy this afternoon) or if I'm still feeding off the enormous amounts of food I ate on holiday. I'd sure rather it was the latter. I've been sick at least as often as not the last 3 or 4 months and I'm really pretty tired of it.

(I have now been writing this entry for over five six hours. I ate some dinner. I've made some cookies. I got very slightly more than halfway through the edits. These are the days of our lives...)