November 12th, 2007


comics and friendships and fans, oh my!

I'm in a state of beatific exhaustion. Actually, I'm not even exhausted, but my eyes are killing me (I don't know why, maybe because there was deep-fried halibut and the deep-frying released something into the air that's making my eyes sting, but no matter why, ow). Anyway, I'm mostly typing with my eyes closed, so sorry for typos.

We went to lunch with ellenmillion, which was absolutely terrific. She's doing well (if working too much, which is par for the course), and looks great with red hair, which I forgot to tell her. :) With any sort of luck we'll see each other next summer at San Diego Comicon, which would rule. :)

(Ah, I finally got my eyes to tear up and now they don't hurt as much. Thank grod.)

We also met up with a woman to whom I owed a copy of HEART OF STONE, and hadn't managed to send it, so I asked if she'd like to meet up while we were here, and she did want to. :) So I gave her HoS and also got to meet her daughter, who had done a book project on WINTER MOON a couple of years ago (which was how they got turned on to my writing) and she gave me a totally cool little hand-made project book with reviews of all the WINTER MOON stories. I made her sign it for me. *beams* So neat!

(BTW, I really wasn't looking for kudos or praise with the last entry, but wow, jeez, thank you all very much. Way to make a girl feel loved. :) I'm pretty sure that's part of what's giving me beatific feelings. :))

And we stopped by the comic shop again and talked with the owner again and this time exchanged cards, and generally had a good chat. He's been talking me up the last couple days, apparently, which is way cool of him! I mean, I love my comic shops, you know? I love my comics. And the comic shop is doing really well. When I was going to this one regularly it was small and everybody knew everybody: all the regulars knew all the staff, and because it was a comic shop, hell, there was rarely anybody who *wasn't* a regular. But now it's doing so well that he said the other day he looked around and realized the store was really busy...and that he didn't know anybody who was there. I was all, "Raaah! Yay!"

One of the things he said was that stuff like the Anita Blake comics were bringing in new people who were actually spending time looking around, so hopefully the Dresden Files comic will help do the same thing, and there's a Heroes comic, and people are coming in looking for that, and...maybe we'll see a renaissance in comic book popularity. I'd luff that.

God, I can't wait for Dublin Comicon this weekend. Jim Lee. OMG. Teh fangirl squee, it pours out of me at the very thought. :)

Arright, arright. I've got 300 words to reach my 1700 for the day (and no, I'm nowhere _near_ the what, 19K I should be at for NNWM, but I got 2500 words in yesterday and at least I'm writing), so I want to go do that and then spend the rest of the evening being social. So off I go. *scoots*

ytd wordcount: 214,700