October 28th, 2007


books in the wild!

tersa sent a photograph of HEART OF STONE in the wild! Collapse )

Accompanied, as you see, by the Walker Papers (and, somewhat startlingly, a bit of Robert Newcomb thrown in). Yay! :) (I have a bunch more in-the-wild pictures people've sent me over the last couple years. I need to get all of them posted one of these days.)

After I walked up and down Blarney Street nine hundred times on Friday, irishkate came over and made me go for another walk, so I did five or six miles Friday. My feets were tired! And now I'm only 32 miles from Minas Tirith, so I'm going to try to finish that journey in November despite travelling all over the damned place. It'd be nice to get more than that done, but c'mon, I'm going to be in Fairbanks in November for a week (ellenmillion, we need to get together while I'm there!). Odds of walking further than from the door to the car are very slim.

I'm doing NaNoWriMo (I'm ce_murphy on the site if you want to Nanobuddy me), because it happens that I've got about 50K left to write on HANDS OF FLAME, and we've moved long past needing to do a death march. This needs to be more like a death sprint. While travelling for three weeks. Oi. Anyway, so toonowrimo will be up and running for November, and anybody who wants to join in the miseryfun is more than welcome to come post over there with poor sucker-ish me.

We took Mom and Dad to see Stardust last night. I love that movie. *beams* In fact, I'd go see it *again* in the theatre. I don't remember the last movie I was willing to see in the theatre three times. Maybe X2, which I saw at least three times, since we'd gotten tickets for a 2pm show, then, in a fit of weakness, went to the midnight premiere, and then I went again on the Sunday with rain_girl_ak, who should post something one of these days. And I might've gone again with Dad.

This weekend has been the jazz festival in Cork and I have *totally failed* to attend any of it. Next year I will do better, dammit.

I've gotten a leetle tiny bit of writing done this weekend, and now I'll go do a little more. Yay me. :)

miles to Minas Tirith: 348

done now

The only way in which I am prepared for leaving for America tomorrow is that I have finished the latest chapter of HANDS OF FLAME and have a printout of the entire manuscript as-is so I can work in a journal rather than on a computer.

Well, that and Mom's made me a perfectly awesome dress Collapse )

I suppose if I have those, passports, and plane tickets, in the end, pretty much anything else can be dealt with. It would, however, be helpful to have the laundry finished so I have enough undies and socks to make it through a week, though.

I'm sure there's something else witty I could say, but iI seem to have a headache, so instead I think I'll go try to finish laundry and sleep. So in closing, I leave you with a photo of xnamkrad and myself from Octocon. I'll post the rest (as well as MeCon pictures, and presumably World Fantasy Con pictures) when I get back from America. Collapse )