October 22nd, 2007


chug chug chug

Chugging along at quite a good clip on these edits. I won't get 'em done in time to photocopy them this afternoon (particularly if I sit here writing LJ entries), but I should be able to get them copied and into the mail tomorrow morning. I still like the book. I hope that's a good sign. :)

Things I have learned today while copyediting:

1. The phrase is "to the manner born", though I'd always assumed it was "to the manor born". Both, however, are in frequent use.

2. The spelling is "straitlaced", not "straight-laced", though again both are in common use.

THE QUEEN'S BASTARD, according to Amazon, will be out at the end of April, a whole month earlier than I thought it would be released.

I must remember to make a note about the spacing of my initials when I send the copy edits back.

I think I will spend tomorrow having a Day Off, and try to read two or three more of the books on the TBR shelf, which (despite people continuing to send me books) is slowly shrinking. I'll go back to work on Wednesday. The next month is just going to be total chaos. Oi.

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one very long day later...

...there. Done, pretty much. There's a handful of very minor things I need to deal with in the morning, but because it's been a long day and I ran out of caring very much about two hours ago, I will put them off until morning. I'll try to be a good human and get up early to do them so I can still get this thing in the mail by noon, which should be do-able.

I'm going to go rot my brain now.