October 21st, 2007


*so* avoiding going to work

This is me, *so* avoiding going to work. I was *forced* to go buy colored pencils, because the Del Rey edits are requested in pencil, and (because I'm crap with colored pencils artistically) I didn't own any. So I had to go buy some. Not good ones, though, just €1.99 ones at Tesco because (I'm crap with colored pencils artistically) as much as I love me an excuse to buy art supplies, I already know that particular purchase is a waste of money. But I thought about it! And then I came home. And then I had to put dishes away. And there's laundry to do. And dishes to do, for that matter. And...

Mom's of the opinion that line edits, copy edits, etc, are generally like mending. Mending is really not that awful to do, and it's really not that time consuming, but for some reason she always makes a mountain out of the molehill and *starting* is by far the worst part of doing it, because once you get going, well, it's not usually* that bad.

Right. So off I go to do laundry! And eat some lunch! And...*looks sullen*...do copy edits, I guess...


(eta: and now that I've started--I'm on page four, for heaven's sake--I'm all dorky and excited about the book again. I really *love* this book.)