October 19th, 2007


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70 or so pages to go, which means I'm not going to get it copied and in the mail before grabbing a cuppa with sammywol. I'll take just getting it out today, though. I've got to figure out how to send something UPS or FedEx. There's no such thing (so far as I can tell) like a Kinko's here where you can copy and send it all at the same place. Oh well. It'll go out today one way or another, and production can wait the few days it takes to get it there. :P

irishkate came over for dinner last night and we then all went to see a sneak preview of Stardust, which I liked so much I would have turned around and gone in again if they'd been playing it a second time. The audience was full of appropriate gasps and "aww!"s and "oooh!"s and there was a teeny scattering of applause at the end, which Kate said was very Irish: they don't, apparently, applaud after films, thinking that's very gauche and American, but sometimes they really want to! and don't know what to do in those cases. :)

Anyway, I see why it keeps getting compared to The Princess Bride, although it's not at all Princess-Bride-like except in that it's a fairy tale and funny. It's far, far *far* more fantastical than Princess Bride, but it's got that same kind of blithe joy to it. Really it's much *more* like Legend (except good) or Willow, and I don't know why they didn't just market it as a fairy tale. But marketing problems aside, it was absolutely wonderful and I will go see it again. Yay!

Ted, who does not have deep emotional attachment to the books, has announced his intention of seeing The Dark Is Rising. He looked very surprised and sort of vaguely disappointed when I said I'd go see it only if somebody paid me enough money, and said, "I guess I'm going alone, then," and then when I said, "Well, if you're going maybe I should," he said, "If you go then I don't want to hear one word about how they screwed it up!" and I'm like, then why'd you look disappointed when I said I wasn't going?! o.o!

After the movie we watched the next two episodes of Smallville, and all I can say is "Justice" = SQUEEEEEE!

This afternoon after I've put the book in the mail I must arrange plane tickets to Alaska and do something about various lodgings in the States. And clean the bathroom. And read a book.

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The copy edits are done and in the mail. I'm going to go sleep for a week.

Except I have to do copy edits on THE QUEEN'S BASTARD. Over the weekend, ideally.

*dies in a pit*