October 18th, 2007



After several hundred pages of STET, a girl starts to wonder if it's actually her, and she's doing something really wrong. I'm not, but man. One's faith sours.

There've been a couple places where part of the page has been blanked out, so I've had to ask for new scans. Apparently those pages are were post-it flags with comments from the CE were missed in the copying. My editor's assistant said it was just as well I couldn't read them, because they'd only made my editor's blood pressure rise. I can't imagine what my reaction would've been, so I'm really, *really* glad I haven't seen those. :)

On a *much* cheerier note, Del Rey sent me mockups of the page interiors for THE QUEEN'S BASTARD, and it is going to be Oh. My. God. Gorgeous. The prettiest of my books so far, internally. (I can't wait to see the cover!) It makes me excited to do the copy edits, which actually makes me more enthusiastic about doing the Luna CEs, which is good. Only 170 pages to go. *wince*

Much less snuffly today, though I'm hacking up gobs of goo. Which is a good sign, but gross. :) Perhaps tomorrow I'll be well!

Ted and I are watching s6 Smallville and are up to episode 9 ("Subterranean"). Collapse )

Ok, back to it.