October 10th, 2007



They finally brought my BOOKS!

Well, the other box of them, anyway. Ted thought I was silly for having to take a look at the new box, 'cause they're the same as the others, but I *had* to! Just in *case*!

I noticed today our moratorium on buying new books seems to have something of a hitch in it. I've read 11 books since we decided to do that. I've received two free books in the mail since then, and we got 3 yesterday on a gift certificate Ted got for being employee of the month at work. So we're not quite keeping up with the Joneses in books-read-to-books-received, but it's not exactly knocking them off without replacing any, either. And WFC with its swag bag is coming up, as is a general trip to America where books are CHEAP. I sense doom. :)

Ted stayed up too late last night. Judging from the fact that HEART OF STONE was on the kitchen counter this morning, it is possible that I am somewhat responsible for him staying up too late...
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