October 4th, 2007


~o wonders of wonders! o~

After three months of not getting a new cooker (at least six weeks of which was my fault, I'll cop to that), we now have one! Yesterday we had a random inspection (which they did not warn us about, although they said they sent a letter. We didn't get one. I may not let them in next time, on general principles, if we do not receive advanced warning. anyway.) and the woman wanted to know what needed work, if anything, so I mentioned the cooker, and there was a sudden flurry of activity on it and they said they'd call around 10 in the morning and by God they did. Yer man said he'd be there in ten minutes, and it only took him thirty-five to arrive, which, for the Irish, is extremely like being early.

Shortly thereafter, we had a new cooker installed. He, being an installation man rather than a delivery man, did not take away the *old* cooker, and because I really did not want a nasty old cooker sitting in the kitchen for weeks, which seemed the likely scenario if I didn't nag, I nagged to find out when they'd be taking it away. "In the morning," they said, and I said something like, "Uh," and they said, "Maybe we can get it tonight." And after some back-and-forthing, yer (other) man called to say he'd be getting it himself at half six, and by 6:40, he'd come and gone again with the cooker.

I'm astounded. And we have a lovely bright white shiny new cooker! I need to go figure out what to make on the lovely bright white shiny new cooker. Ted requested burgers, but I was waiting for them to come pick up the old cooker, so I wasn't able to get any mince. Sigh.

Astounded or astonished; that's another one LJ moods doesn't have. I should petition them to make a paid-account feature of the ability to add mood slots.

Zoë Conway is playing at the Half Moon Theatre tonight. I believe I'll go see her. Oh, hey, if anybody's in Dublin and wants to see her (she's a *tremendously* good fiddler), she'll be at Whelans at 8pm on the 9th. Well worth the €15 admission.

Food now.

miles to Minas Tirith: 323

p.s. After almost 2 years of hand-lighting stoves, I'm a little confused by not having to. Weird.

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Well, that was disappointing.

The doors opened at 9:05 rather than the show starting at 9 (the signs did say "Doors 9pm", but with no other information available, nearly everyone who attended was in the queue before the doors opened). There was no indication of when the show would start. When it finally did, at 9:45, I was both too tired and too put out to enjoy it much. This was not in any way helped by:

- some of the worst lighting I've ever seen. The lights were too yellow, too dark and too overhead. Their faces were shadowed by their foreheads. Twice between sets the theatre brought lights up on their faces and it was wonderful. It lasted a total of about eight seconds in the 45 minute performance.

- the guitar being over-amped. They turned the guitar amp down after the guitarist asked them to, and that improved it quite a lot, but the theatre itself *nowhere near* large enough to require amping at all. The flipping Cork Opera House isn't big enough to require amping, for God's sake.

- the seats being (particularly after sitting there nearly an hour before the show started) butt-numbing.

Zoe Conway is still a very good fiddle player, but the production was so bad that I left at the break, and I'm cranky. The whole thing made me want to go say, "For Christ's sake, people, what is this, amateur night?" to the people running the theatre, and make them go away so I could do it right.